SolutionInn Employs 5,000 Kenyan Business Students in Tutoring Positions


U.S.-based online tutoring service is leveraging the acumen of Kenyan business students to help American university students with their studies.

In the study of business, having an international contact to help you navigate the jargon and nuances of the academic study is essential. With a global contact, you can discuss and study business relations, economics and finance on a global scale. SolutionInn, an online tutoring service based in the United States, is pairing up business students from Kenya to help American students excel in their business studies.

Around 5,000 tutors from the African nation are employed by SolutionInn, providing excellent tutoring service around the clock to U.S. college and university students. This provides Kenyan students a singular opportunity to assist five to 10 students every day, half a world away, whom they may have never met otherwise.

Most of the Kenyan student tutors employed by SolutionInn come from poor backgrounds. In Kenya, the average household income is about $1,000 per month. SolutionInn’s tutors make about $700-$800 per month from tutoring American business students. This can make an enormous impact on a family’s way of living.

The most money a tutor has earned from tutoring in a single month was $2,000, twice the per capita monthly income in Kenya. SolutionInn’s tutors in Kenya are paid weekly and then income is indispensable, since many use the monies to help support their families, both immediate and extended.

According to GIS, the average household size in Kenya is 4.4 persons. Many of the tutors employed by SolutionInn are working in a single room house either with their families or together as a group of student tutors to reduce cost of living expenses.

The Kenyan economy is struggling, having one of the highest unemployment rates in the East African region, around 39.1 percent as of May 2017. Most of the jobless in Kenya are student-age individuals, so by finding a position with SolutionInn, which can be done online, Kenyan students are able to have an income that can support a family. Some of the student tutors also work in the local education industry as teachers.

SolutionInn employs tutors from all over the world, from India, Pakistan and elsewhere globally. The Kenyan student tutors consistently provide better outcomes and garner better ratings from their student mentees than tutors from other countries, including Asian nations.

Education in Kenya is provided at a fraction of the cost of education in the United States, but compared to incomes in the U.S. and Kenya, it is still quite expensive. The ability to have a steady income is a game-changer for these student tutors. It costs about $650 per year to educate a high school student in Kenya, and with the money student tutors in the African nation make from tutoring with SolutionInn, they are able to help put their younger family members through school, which will equate to better outcomes for the nation in the future.

The Kenyan government does not support students with financial aid like the American government does through students loans and grants. Loans and grants for students are only available through banks and private corporations. That means that if a Kenyan students wants to finish his or her degree, they must pay for it outright or qualify for a bank loan. The income earned from tutoring American students with SolutionInn often goes to pay tuition for these business students to continue and finish their degree. They also pay 10 percent income tax on their earnings.

Tutors employed by SolutionInn earn between $5 and $10 for assisting a student with an assignment, depending on the complexity of the assignment. Tutors excel in many subjects including math, finance and accounting, business management, information systems and technology, and academic writing (English language).

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