Solution Inn Privacy Policy

Solution Inn's privacy policy states the rules and practices regarding the information users provide to the website. Solution Inn respects the privacy of site users and it is advisable that all users read the privacy policy terms carefully.

Being a user of this site, we assume your acceptance of our privacy policy which includes all the terms and conditions, guiding principle and policies on the site. Users must visit this page regularly to track any changes or updates as Solution Inn reserves the right to amend the privacy policy without any prior notice.

Your user name, email address, addresses and phone number are classified as your personal information and so this information is termed as personally identifiable. All other information not personally identifiable or information that does not allow the identification of a user is termed as anonymous information. The anonymous information has no association with your personal information.

When you submit your personal information through our website, you are doing so under the terms of this privacy policy. Submitting personal information will provide Solution Inn an authorized license and an expressive consent to process the personal information in accordance with this privacy policy.

By submitting personal information, you hereby agree that your personal information is allowed to process in your country as well as across other countries where laws for the use of personal information may be less rigorous than laws in your country.

Links to other sites:

Solution Inn hereby claims that it is not accountable for the privacy report or content of any other website Solution Inn may link to. You are made aware that clicking an ad, logo or any link can and may divert you to another website.

You are highly advised to be careful while performing such an activity and to check the URL while clicking any link on the website. Solution Inn suggests that its user read the policy statements of that website whenever linking outside Solution Inn.

Workspace privacy:

The workspace is the private space provided to the client and the freelancer after hiring to make sure they can interact with each other effectively. The workspace is only designed for the exchange and sharing of information that is not shared publicly for the sake of the work at hand. Users are not allowed to use the workspace for any other purpose.

Solution Inn reserves the right to view the information provided by both parties in the workspace in order to monitor the communication and verify the enforcement of the terms in terms and conditions.


Submitting personal information as a client or freelancer identifies you and your account. When you register to sell or buy services, you are allowing us to use this information as described in privacy policy terms. However, we are not authorized to share or use your personal information with third parties without your prior consent.

We do not require any personal information at the time of registration apart from user name, email address, addresses, zip code, city, financial information and phone number. In the future, we may request from you and update to your personal information to make your site experience more friendly and convenient.

Solution Inn Payment system:

Solution Inn provides clients with the payment methods of credit card or PayPal to pay for the services bought from freelancers. Solution Inn uses credit card information and PayPal Id to complete the billing operations on behalf of client.

As per the Solution Inn privacy policy, client agrees that Solution Inn can disclose this information with third party to complete the billing operation. Solution Inn stores the encrypted reference ID generated through the payment processor to be used for future payments if client is willing to use the service again. Clients will not need to input this payment information again but will, instead, simple enter this reference ID for future payments processing.

Third party service providers:

We use the services of credit card companies and other such payment processing companies to charge you for providing services. You agree to give us authority to share your personal credentials with them. Email marketing companies also work with us to send emails to you and will use your personal information with Solution Inn consent. We reserve the rights to use your personal information in accordance with terms of privacy policy.

Unrestricted Information:

If you register as a freelancer, you may add skills and expertise relevant to your domain, area of interest and profession. You may also add information regarding your company or business as well and this information can be accessed by any other registered user on the website, specifically clients who will be visiting your profile page to view your skills in the process of deciding whether to hire you or not.

Under this privacy policy, we are not bound to restrict information that you put on your public profile or information you voluntarily make visible to other users. As a freelancer on Solution Inn, you have the option to change the privacy settings available in your user account settings.

Personal information:

Solution Inn uses personal information to contact users through emails. This personal information is a fundamental part of the Solution Inn newsletter. Under the terms of the privacy policy, we are authorized to use or share your information with third parties. However, we do not rent or sell your personal information to third parties under any circumstance. If you do not want to receive the newsletter from Solution Inn, you can unsubscribe through the preference tab in your account settings.

Social media features:

Solution Inn has social media features such as a Facebook button and widget and share button. These features may collect your IP address and set the cookies to make the functionality of the features more accessible. These features and other such social media widgets are hosted either by our site or by third parties and so your interaction with these features will be subject to the privacy policy of these host websites.


Solution Inn may share personal information with email marketing companies and other third party companies involved in payment processing systems; however Solution Inn will never share your personal information with the advertisers.

Legal requests:

Solution Inn will always strive to minimize breach of user agreement. In the event of breaching intellectual property rights, theft, harassment, concealment, fraud and other rights; Solution Inn reserves the right to disclose your personal information in law enforcement inquiries. We are authorized to disclose any information which might be helpful in resolving the matter and are obliged to comply under such circumstances.

Anonymous information:

We are authorized to use anonymous information to promote the safe and secure use of the website. Solution Inn reserves the right to use or disclose anonymous information in responding to the inquiries made for any breach of terms involved in user agreement.

Data retention:

We use your data (files, documents, information etc.), as long as you are a registered user of the website. In the event that you wish to close your account or want us to stop using your data for providing services , you can contact us at