Refund and Cancellation Policy


When you wish to stop using the services provided by SolutionInn that involve prior payments, you are required to act within the guidelines of SolutionInn’s Refund and Cancellation Policy. The policy is included in the guidelines, rules, and terms of use of your account and are necessary to follow whenever applicable. By signing up with SolutionInn as either a student or tutor, you are cosigning that you are required to act in agreeance with the policy, regardless of changes made without prior notice. Any change will come into effect the day of which it is posted on the website.

Membership Refund and Cancellation


A SolutionInn membership has the ability to be cancelled by the student themselves or by the SolutionInn system.

Cancellation by Student:

A student has the ability to cancel their membership at any time they desire. But, even if a cancellation happens toward the beginning of the period, no refund will be given to the student for money spent on an unfinished period. The membership will be cancelled, and the student will have 24 hours after requesting cancellation to access any downloads, documents, or materials provided by SolutionInn and its tutors before being locked out of all SolutionInn perks. After cancellation, no charge will be made to the student’s payment method unless the student reactivates their membership.

Cancellation by System:

SolutionInn has a quality assurance team continuously monitoring the activity of all of its members, ensuring all action taken place of the platform is by the book and legal. If the team sees any student or tutor misusing the service or engaging in fraudulent activity, the system will cancel the account indefinitely. If your membership runs up and you do not have the money to renew your membership, the system will also cancel your membership. A student can reactivate their membership if it is cancelled by the system. Upon reactivation, your payment method will be immediately charged for whatever membership plan you had before your membership was cancelled. If a student does not wish to reactivate their membership after it has been cancelled by the system, the student may use the instant download option, which is available for $1.99 per solution.


Any membership charge or fee paid when it is due is non-refundable, regardless of your desire of not using it or to cancel your membership. After cancellation, you are not owed a refund as well, unless specifically noted to you by the SolutionInn team. The membership fee you pay upon first starting your membership or any renewal thereafter will not be able to be refunded if the student has viewed or downloaded a document since the first purchase of the membership.

Project Refund and Cancellation

If a student is unhappy with the work done by a tutor on a project, they are allowed to request a refund that the SolutionInn team will deem necessary or not. SolutionInn encourages the student and tutor to come to a mutually beneficial agreement about what would be fair as a refund. A student may request a partial or full refund within 15 days after the last time the tutor shared work with the student. This 15-day period should be used by the student to come up with a case of objections to the work provided by the tutor. A student may not raise a dispute or ask for a refund if the period of 15 days has passed or if the payment has already been released to the tutor. Find out more about the dispute resolution policy here.

Refund on Solution

If a student finds a solution provided by the SolutionInn to be unsatisfactory, they are encouraged to leave feedback on what the problem is with the solution you received with customer service. If the quality assurance team is unable to resolve the issue brought up, the student will receive a full refund.

External Refund of Deposited funds

If a student on SolutionInn has money left in their account, they may request to withdraw that money, as long as it is not going to be used to pay for their membership, pay a tutor, or for some other use. These funds that you wish to withdraw are funds that you deposited but did not use or money refunded from a dispute you won. A student can initiate this withdrawal request by going to Finances>External Refund. This fund withdrawal will take 4-5 business days to process.

Disclaimer Regarding the Refund and Cancellation Policy

SolutionInn, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to abort the refunds owed to you if the SolutionInn team deems that you have abused the platform or broke guidelines as indicated by the terms of use.