A sample of monatomic ideal gas occupies 5.00 L

A sample of monatomic ideal gas occupies 5.00 L at atmospheric pressure and 300 K (point A in Figure P21.67). It is heated at constant volume to 3.00 atm (point B).
Then it is allowed to expand isothermally to 1.00 atm (point C) and at last compressed isobarically to its original state.
(a) Find the number of moles in the sample.
(b) Find the temperature at points B and C and the volume at point C.
(c) Assuming that the molar specific heat does not depend on temperature, so that Eint # 3nRT/2, find the internal energy at points A, B, and C.
(d) Tabulate P, V, T, and Eint for the states at points A, B, and C.
(e) Now consider the processes A →B, B→ C, and C→ A. Describe just how to carry out each process experimentally.
(f) Find Q, W, and ΔEint for each of the processes.
(g) For the whole cycle A→ B→ C→ A find Q, W, and ΔEint


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