Solution Inn Fee

Solution Inn does not charge any fees to its clients. Job postings are free. Depositing funds into Solution Inn accounts are also free. Client will only pay the project fee to the Freelancers, who, in return, will provide services to the client.

On Solution Inn, we charge an optional nominal add-on fee for making your project listing Urgent, featured, assisted, and sealed.

Solution Inn charges a fee of ( $5 or 15% - whichever is higher ) as a service fee from the amount that the client pays to the freelancer. Freelancers do not have to pay any membership fee; moreover, freelancers are not bound to pay any fees for sending proposals to the clients.

Solution Inn has an arbitration fee if freelancer and client fail to mutually resolve the matter without opening a dispute. Solution Inn will then resolve the dispute through arbitration. Arbitration fee will be $5 or 5% of the disputed project fee (whichever is greater).

Solution Inn also charges fund withdrawal fees for Bank transfer.

Fee Type Charges
Fund Deposit 5%
Service Fee $5 or 15% of Milestone Amount (Whichever is greater)
Membership Fee $13.99/Month or $34.99/Quarter
Arbitration Fee $5 or 5% of Milestone Amount (whichever is greater)
Project Cancellation Fee $25 or 15% of Milestone Amount (whichever is greater)
Withdrawal through Wire Transfer $40 + 6% Withdrawal Fee of the total withdrawal amount
Withdrawal through PayPal 6% of the total withdrawal amount or $10 whichever is greater
Withdrawal through Skrill 7% of the total withdrawal amount of $15 whichever is greater
Monthly Maintenance Fee $4 is debited per month on incremental basis if freelancer's pending earnings are greater than $20. Incremental means $4 will be deducted when earnings are not withdrawn after 30 days, $8 is charged for 60 days and so on.