Fees And Charges


Upon signing up with SolutionInn as both a student and tutor, you be subject to SolutionInn’s fees and charges. The fees are contextual, so every student or tutor will incur different fees and charges based on their circumstances. SolutionInn retains the right to change the policies regarding fees and charges. We advise that members frequently revisit the fees and charges policy to ensure that they are up to date with how fees and charges are figured out. Read the rest of this page to find out more about the fees and charges you will incur from using SolutionInn.

Fees and Charges for Students

1.Student’s Payment Processing Fee

Every time you take out a deposit as a student, you will be charged a processing fee of 5% of what you deposit. This 5% will be added on top of the deposit or payment you are already making. For example, if you are making a payment or deposit of $50, an additional $2.50 will be added on top of that to process the payment. So, $52.50 will be extracted from your billing method to cover the costs. This fee will occur every time your billing method is charged. It will show up as a separate item in your transaction history.

2.Monthly or Quarterly Membership Fee

Upon signing up with SolutionInn as a student, you will have the option of selecting what payment plan you would wish to use. You have two options for how you would like to pay for your membership: monthly or quarterly. If you choose the monthly membership fee, you will be charged $13.99 each month for your account. If you select the quarterly membership fee, you will be charged $34.99 every three months for your account. This is the most popular option amongst our members and will save you around $7. The breakdown of each membership plan can be seen below:

SolutionInn Membership Fee

After selecting the membership plan that fits best with your economics, your membership with SolutionInn as a student will begin. You should know that SolutionInn accounts start with an auto-renewal feature already turned on. This means that either every month or every three months (depending on the membership plan you selected), your registered payment method will be automatically charged. At any time you feel it necessary, you can go into your account settings and turn that feature off.

Fees Applied to Tutors

1.Tutoring Service Fee

A tutor service fee of either $5 or 15% of your earnings is applied to every project you work on as a tutor. After you get signed up with SolutionInn as a tutor, you will begin sending proposals and contacting students, hoping you can get hired on for a project. Once you are hired for a project, complete the project, and receive payment from your student, you will be charged a tutor service fee. You will be charged either $5 or 15% of your earnings, whichever one is higher. If 15% of your earnings is more than $5, you will pay the 15%. If it is less, than you will pay the $5. There will be no service fee for sending out a proposal, only completed projects.

2.Withdrawal Payment Processing Fee

Every time you wish to withdraw the money you have earned, you will be charged a processing fee to claim the money. Upon completing a project, the money the student pays you will not go directly into your bank account, rather it will be added into your SolutionInn pending earnings. The money is yours, you just have to withdraw it. Every time you withdraw the money, you will be charged a processing fee. The amount you will be charged depends on which of the two methods you choose to use. Here are the rates for the two methods SolutionInn allows their tutors to use:

  • Wire Transfer $40 + 6% Withdrawal Fee of the total withdrawal amount
  • PayPal 6% of the total withdrawal amount or $10

3.Project Cancellation Fee

If a project is cancelled or refunded, the tutor must pay a penalty charge of either $50 of 15% of the project amount (whichever is greater). This project cancellation fee is charged to the tutor under these circumstances:

  • The tutor failed the deliver the work within the deadline.
  • The student found too many errors in the work that was delivered by the tutor.
  • The student found evidence of the work being plagiarized or copied from another source.
  • The tutor did not deliver the work based on the instructions or requirements as established by the student

4.Monthly Account Maintenance Fee

If tutors have an earnings balance of over twenty dollars in their account, the tutor will be charged a maintenance fee of four dollars each month where that is the case. SolutionInn encourages continual withdrawals, to ensure that the tutors take the money that they have earned through their work with students. This fee will only be charged if it has been over 30 days since the last time the tutor withdrew money from their account. This fee does stack on an incremental basis to incentivize tutors to withdraw their money. If you are charged the four dollars on one month and the next month you have yet to withdraw your money, you will then be charged an eight-dollar account maintenance fee for the next month. Every thirty days that elapse without the tutor withdrawing their money, the fee charge will increase incrementally by a multiple of four dollars.