Greenberg is a telephone installation and maintenance employee who works

Greenberg is a telephone installation and maintenance employee who works for BellSouth. He also is obese and suffers from other medical conditions. Under BellSouth’s safe load limit policy, employees in certain jobs, such as Greenberg, could weigh no more than the “safe load limit” of the equipment used in their work groups. Because Greenberg’s weight exceeded the safe load limit for his position, his supervisor “would hand-pick Mr. Greenberg’s job assignments to make sure he did not get any assignments that would require him to climb.” However, when BellSouth hired an outside firm to track the weight of employees governed by the safe load policy in order to ensure uniform implementation, Greenberg’s supervisor informed him that he had to lose weight. After failing to lose the weight, Greenberg was terminated. Greenberg suffers from “diabetes, hypertension, hypothyroidism and a variety of disorders that affect his endocrinology and that such physiological disorders cause him to be overweight and prohibit him from losing weight.” What additional information would you need in order to determine whether Greenberg suffered from discrimination in his termination? How can you determine whether he has sufficient facts on which to state a claim?


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