It is desired to recover hexane vapor (solute A) from

It is desired to recover hexane vapor (solute A) from air using an absorption process. The absorption solvent is a nonvolatile mineral oil, which has a mass density of 0.80 g/cm3and a molecular weight of 180 g/gmole. In the dilute concentration range, the equilibrium relationship for the dissolution of hexane vapor in the mineral oil at 20°C is described by pA,i= H xA,i, where H = 0.15 atm. At the present conditions of operation, the hexane partial pressure in the bulk gas stream is 0.0 15 atm, and the dissolved hexane in the bulk absorption solvent is 5.0 mole%. The total system pressure is 1.50 atm, and the temperature is 20°C. The liquid film mass-transfer coefficient kxis 0.01 kgmole/m2· s, and the gas film mass-transfer coefficient is ky0.02 kgmole/m2· s. 

a. What is the overall mass-transfer coefficient based on the liquid phase, KL, and molar flux NA

b. What is the composition of hexane at the gas€”liquid inter face, in terms of pA,i and xA,i?1003 ст3 Рв — 0.8 ст3 — 8 х 105. т3 т3 Мв = 180 mole' T = 293 K, P = 1.5 atm 0.015 atm 0.015 atm, PA = 0.