What test can be performed to assess whether the feeding

What test can be performed to assess whether the feeding preferences of titmice and goldfinches are comparable on the first day of testing?


A study was performed to look at the preference of different species of birds for different types of sunflower seeds. Two bird feeders were set up with different types of sunflower seeds, one with a black oil seed and one with a striped seed. The bird feeders were observed for a 1-hour period for each of 12 days over a 1-month period. The number of birds of different species who ate seeds from a specific bird feeder was counted for each bird feeder for each of a number of species of birds. (The data for this problem were supplied by David Rosner.)

On the first day of testing, 1 titmouse ate the black oil seeds and 4 titmice ate the striped seeds. Of the goldfinches, 19 ate the black oil seeds and 5 ate the striped seeds.


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