A judge mandates that juvenile offenders who have priors be

A judge mandates that juvenile offenders who have priors be assigned to a trained delinquency prevention mentor. To assess this intervention, offenders will be randomly assigned to one of two groups: No mentor, or a peer mentor who is 3 to 5 years older than the offender. The following data will be gathered on each participant:
Probation officer’s compliance evaluation (0% . . . 100%).
Data set: Ch 04 – Exercise 03A.sav
Variable: Group
Definition: Mentor group assignment
Type: Categorical (1 = No mentor, 2 = Peer mentor)
Variable: Probation_compliance
Definition: Probation officer’s overall assessment of the youth’s probation compliance
Type: Continuous (0 = Completely noncompliant . . . 100 = Completely compliant)
a. Write the hypotheses.
b. Run each criterion of the pretest checklist (normality, homogeneity of variance, and n) and discuss your findings.
c. Run the t test and document your findings (ns, means, and Sig. [p value]).

d. Write an abstract under 200 words detailing a summary of the study, the t test results, hypothesis resolution, and implications of your findings.


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