A team of educational researchers wants to assess traditional classroom

A team of educational researchers wants to assess traditional classroom instruction compared to online options. Students who are enrolled in a course will be randomly assigned to one of three sections: Students in Section 1 will take the class in a traditional classroom. Students in Section 2 will take the course online with an interactive video cast of the instructor wherein students can ask the instructor questions during the session. Students in Section 3 will take the course online and view a prerecorded video of the professor delivering the lecture. The researchers will gather the course grade of each student (0% . . . 100%). Additionally, students will be asked to indicate their age (as the covariate).
Data set: Ch 06 – Exercise 08B.sav
Variable: Section
Definition: Learning modality
Type: Categorical (1 = Classroom, 2 = Online live interactive, 3 = Online prerecorded video)
Variable: Grade
Definition: Final grade in course
Type: Continuous (0 . . . 100)
Variable: Age
Definition: Student’s age

Type: Continuous
a. Write the hypotheses.
b. Run each criterion of the pretest checklist (homogeneity of regression slopes, homogeneity of variance [Levene’s test]) and discuss your findings.
c. Run the ANCOVA test and document your findings (ns, means, and Sig. [p value], hypotheses resolution).
d. Write an abstract under 200 words detailing a summary of the study, the ANCOVA test results, hypothesis resolution, and implications of your findings.


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