The Acme Company claims that its new reading lamp increases

The Acme Company claims that its new reading lamp increases reading speed, and you want to test this. You will record how long (in seconds) it takes for participants to read a 1,000-word essay.
Participants will be randomly assigned to one of four groups: Group 1 will be the control group; they will read the essay using regular room lighting. Those in Group 2 will read the essay using the Acme lamp. Those in Group 3 will read the essay using a generic reading lamp. Those in Group 4 will read the essay using a flashlight.

Data set: Ch 05 – Exercise 09B.sav
Variable: Group
Definition: Lighting group assignment
Type: Categorical (1 = Room lighting, 2 = Acme lamp, 3 = Generic lamp, 4 = Flashlight)
Variable: Seconds
Definition: The time it takes to read the essay
Type: Continuous
a. Write the hypotheses.
b. Run each criterion of the pretest checklist (normality, homogeneity of variance, and n) and discuss your findings.
c. Run the ANOVA test and document your findings (ns, means, and Sig. [p value], hypotheses resolution).
d. Write an abstract under 200 words detailing a summary of the study, the ANOVA test results, hypothesis resolution, and implications of your findings.


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