The Acme Company claims that its new reading lamp increases

The Acme Company claims that its new reading lamp increases reading speed; you want to test this. You will record how long (in seconds) it takes for participants to read a 1,000-word essay.
Participants will be randomly assigned to one of four groups: Group 1 will be the control group; they will read the essay using regular room lighting. Those in Group 2 will read the essay using the Acme lamp. Those in Group 3 will read the essay using a generic reading lamp. Those in Group 4 will read the essay using a flashlight. You will also administer a one-question survey wherein each participant indicates his or her level of satisfaction with the lighting that he or she were provided (1 = Strongly dislike . . . 10 = Strongly like).
Data set: Ch 07 – Exercise 09A.sav
Variable: Group
Definition: Lighting group assignment
Type: Categorical (1 = Room lighting, 2 = Acme lamp, 3 = Generic lamp, 4 = Flashlight)
Variable: Seconds
Definition: The time it takes to read the essay

Type: Continuous
Variable: Lighting_satisfaction
Definition: Participant’s satisfaction with assigned lighting
Type: Continuous (1 = Strongly dislike . . . 10 = Strongly like)

a. Write the hypotheses.
b. Run each criterion of the pretest checklist (n quota, normality, moderate correlation, homogeneity of variance-covariance [Box’s M test], and homogeneity of variance [Levene’s test]) and discuss your findings.
c. Run the MANOVA test and document your findings (ns, means, and Sig. [p value], hypotheses resolution).
d. Write an abstract under 200 words detailing a summary of the study, the MANOVA test results, hypothesis resolution, and implications of your findings.


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