A college student is interested in how many friends the

A college student is interested in how many friends the average person has. She decides to count the number of people who appear in photographs on display in dorm rooms and offices across campus. She collects data on 84 students and 33 faculty members. The data are presented below.

60 50 40 Frequency 30 20 10 9. 15 21 27 Number of people pictured

a. What kind of visual display is this? 

b. Estimate how many people have fewer than 6 people pictured. 

c. Estimate how many people have more than 18 people pictured. 

d. Can you think of additional questions you might ask after reviewing the data displayed here? 

e. Below is a subset of the data described here. Create a grouped frequency table for these data, using seven groupings.

5 39 13 0 18 15 3 57 7 7 11 12 20 16 4 17 15 16 10 6. 8 87 3 17 8 7 3.

f. Create a histogram of the grouped data from (e). 

g. Describe how the data depicted in the original graph and the histogram you created in part (f) are distributed.


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