1. Your company has charged you with managing internal

1. Your company has charged you with managing internal communications for its upcoming 50th anniversary. You need to coordinate events among the planning committee as well as eventually send invitations to all employees. Your company has just over 500 employees in 12 locations across three states in the southwest U.S. Besides the information provided, determine additional information that you will you need to plan your communication strategy. When communicating with the planning committee, determine which form(s) of communication do you think would be most appropriate. Explain your reasoning. Select the best means of communication that you would employ when alerting the employee populations as a whole of the event. Explain your rationale.

2. “cultures.” Respond to the following: you are spearheading a study within your international company to determine (1) the advantage or disadvantage of hiring locals or natives versus sending present company employees for short periods of time; (2) if the company decides to send present employees, determine the necessary training to facilitate their success in a different culture. Using the HOFSTEDE model, discuss the differences in power distance, uncertainty avoidance, individualism versus collectivism, and masculine versus feminine of the different cultures.


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