Apply the PBA process for service contracts. A government

Apply the PBA process for service contracts. A government agency completed an acquisition for landscaping services. The primary purpose of the contract was for mowing the grass around major roadways. The performance work statement (PWS) stated that the contractor was being hired for “mowing services” on the listed roadways. The contractor mowed the grass around the roadways once a month. The grass would grow so long during the month that motorists were calling the agency to complain. The grass looked unsightly and was dangerous, since the grass blocked some road signs. The agency’s contracting representative calls the contractor to complain that he is not upholding the requirements of the contract. They wanted the grass to be mowed regularly so that it was short, looked tidy and did not block the signs. The contractor says he was hired to provide “mowing services” and that’s what he has done.

Discuss how this contracting process could have been managed to avoid this dispute.

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