Argue for or against the idea that dropping out of

Argue for or against the idea that dropping out of high school before graduating to take a job is a good idea. For your thesis, come to a clear conclusion (one way or the other on this topic) and give at least one reason in support of your position) on why dropping out of high school to take a job before graduation might or might not be a good idea.

Explain your position (overall thesis conclusion and reasons in support) in several body paragraphs.

• The development of ideas in body paragraphs follows the order of the thesis statement. This means that the same way you lay out the parts of your thesis (conclusion and its significance) is how you go forward in the body developing ideas in support.

• Flesh out your body paragraphs by providing examples from your own experience. To adequately develop the body of your paper, discuss a specific instance of at least one of your examples. Don’t just give details. Explain how, why, or in what way the details in your example supports your thesis position.

The essay conclusion is the last paragraph in the essay that summarizes your thesis and perhaps one of the more important points made in the body. No new ideas can come up in your conclusion.


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