Read about Sociological Imagination Sam Richards: A radical

Read about Sociological Imagination Sam Richards: A radical experiment in empathy after watching the TED video and reading the section about the Sociological Imagination, take the viewpoint of an outside observer to examine your life.

First, pick one personal experience that was meaningful to you. Second, pick a viewpoint different from your own. It can be another gender, race, nationality, or maybe someone from a different subculture. Finally, write about the three points listed below.

Write a paper discussing each assignment point listed below.

1) Describe the personal experience as an outsider might describe it.

2) Describe how that experience was influenced by society structures (e.g. historical events, religion, or traditions)

3) Finally review the four main perspectives and theorists related to those perspectives. What theory most applies to the personal experience you described and why do you think this theory applies?

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