Respond to the following: There is a segment of

Respond to the following:

There is a segment of the US population that strongly believes that the federal government should "stay out of the way of business" and essentially let the marketplace evolve via its own "pure market" dynamics. This perspective views government as essentially the enemy of commerce. Other people strongly believe that government can play a facilitative role in supporting business and industry development. Using an industry of your choice, articulate your own position in regard to the role that government should play in facilitating industry development.

The federal government can be an important tool in regulation and control of commerce. There are some aspects of commerce that although they are done without the control of government need to be run under some basic regulatory measures. This is because it would be very hard for all parties in such fields to operate smoothly without a governing body that controls the smooth running of such businesses.

For example talking about the e-commerce, the federal government can play a key role in this field of commerce if it adopts on a constant regulatory policy and at the same time minimizing its control over the e-commerce world. The government policies are very important in the control and regulation of the commerce. They are made to ensure that there is freedom to privacy policy in the internet with the private sectors in their trading activities. They are also made for the control and prevention of illegal copyright breaches over the internet. Another reason as to why government uses such policies is to control taxation which monitors international transaction rates over the internet. It is also a means of providing grounds for solving disputes and reconciling parties which develop differences over such trading.

The federal government has a role of acting as the front-edge user of the commerce facility with its platforms. The government in this case can play an important role in acting as the center of the e-commerce business operations in all aspects in promoting the e-commerce facility. This is very important for consumers and producers to have a cool and secure environment of conducting businesses effectively. In this case no one needs to be concerned about privacy or insecurity of online business transactions, as the government encourages the facility.

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