Survey of the Old Testament Worksheet: Teachers Academy

Survey of the Old Testament Worksheet: Teachers Academy Among the challenges students of the Old Testament face understands Israel’s wisdom tradition. The purpose of this exercise is to involve the student the wisdom tradition. The exercise consists of three parts.

Part 1 Contemplative Wisdom Under the heading, “The Words of the Teacher” list several things you encountered in the class that were interesting, intriguing, worth considering, or challenging.

1. The Words of the Teacher”

2. Explain briefly,why you listed the items.

Part 2 Proverbial Wisdom The process of collecting, reproducing, and passing on wisdom should: · Afford the student with an appreciation of Proverbial wisdom · Increase student awareness of the kind of informal moral and social education that takes place in everyday life · Facilitate student recognition their role as custodians of tradition and preservers of common sense.

1. Write out a piece of advice an elder (parent, grandparent, older sibling , friend, or neighbor) gave you before you came to college.

2. Write out a piece of advice you would pass on to someone considering attending college.

Part 3 Synthesis

1. Compare and contrast the views of wisdom expressed in Ecclesiastes 12:13-14 and Proverb 1:1-7.

2. Suppose you are a parent trying to determine where to put your child in school. Would you send your child to “Proverbial Wisdom School” or to Contemplative Wisdom Academy”? Explain your choice.


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