Bob is a local used-car dealer and he’s feeling

Bob is a local used-car dealer and he’s feeling pretty good at the moment. He’s about to close a great deal with another used-car dealer, Mike. Mike has agreed to pay Bob more than he expected for a like-new car on his lot. The car’s on consignment from its owner, Al. Bob and Mike had talked about the deal over the phone and e-mail. During Mike’s visit to Bob’s dealership they settled on a final figure of $25,000.00. Once Bob received the payment, he would then write a check to Al for $22,000.00 and keep $3,000 as a consignment fee. All he had to do was say yes. Mike: Sounds great. I can’t believe you’re letting this go for so little. I mean for $25,000 (pause) I feel like I’m stealing.  Bob: Yeah, right? Mike: Take care. To enforce a contract, the following four requirements must be met.

 Determine if each requirement has or has not been met, and then explain your answer.

Offer: Met ______ Not Met ______Explain:

Acceptance: Met ______ Not Met ______Explain:

Consideration: Met ______ Not Met ______Explain:

A Lawful Object: Met ______ Not Met ______Explain:

Did Bob's suggestion constitute a counteroffer? Or was it simply an offer to modify an existing contract? Can Bob enforce the original terms?

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