1.Suppose SPA Corp. was formed by Sara Inc. (a C

1.Suppose SPA Corp. was formed by Sara Inc. (a C corporation that is 100% owned by Sara) and Sara's friend Tyson. In exchange for 50% of the stock of SPA, Sara contributed $100,000. In exchange for the remaining 50% of the SPA stock, Tyson contributed a building with a fair market value of $100,000 and an adjusted tax basis of $60,000. How much gain is Tyson required to recognize on the contribution? Is SPA eligible to elect S corporation status?

2.Jason is one of 100 shareholders in Jace Corporation. The remaining 99 shareholders are unrelated individual U.S. residents. During the year, Jason gave several of his shares in Jace Corp. to his brother as a birthday present and to his best friend Hal (unrelated to all shareholders in Jace Corp.) as a wedding present. After these gifts, Jace Corp. has 102 shareholders. Is Jace Corp. prohibited from electing to become an S corporation? Explain.

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