Ratios to calculate and interpret for the three years.

Ratios to calculate and interpret for the three years.

Current Ratio

Quick (Acid Test) Ratio

Debt to Equity Ratio

Assets Current
Cash And Cash Equivalents At Carrying Value126,497120,13950,414
Restricted Cash And Cash Equivalents At Carrying Value130,613150,574155,006
Accounts Receivable Net Current173,667171,605210,664
Notes And Loans Receivable Net Current10,1447,5314,631
Deferred Tax Assets Net Current5,2817,14210,165
Inventories And Other Net136,999107,000104,326
Advertising Fund Restricted Assets37,76545,33739,783
Assets Current620,966609,328574,989
Property Plant And Equipment Net1,463,7651,553,3081,685,043
Notes And Loans Receivable Net Noncurrent3,1571,2464,483
Deferred Tax Assets Net Noncurrent12,19710,55911,018
Equity Method Investments43,01441,26840,738
Other Assets Noncurrent56,30764,796117,552
Liabilities And Stockholders Equity
Liabilities Current
Accounts Payable Current177,918169,762204,514
Accrued Liabilities For Unredeeemed Gift Cards125,316149,888184,443
Accrued Liabilities Current--274,008
Advertising Fund Liabilities-44,89359,912
Other Short Term Borrowings--30,000
Long Term Debt And Capital Lease Obligations Current10,00120,78117,782
Liabilities Current476,650463,372586,216
Liabilities Noncurrent
Long Term Debt Noncurrent352,426359,471843,020
Capital Lease Obligations Noncurrent94,863104,383121,049
Deferred Tax Liabilities Noncurrent4,60810,3999,929
Other Liabilities Noncurrent120,970109,614112,090
Liabilities Noncurrent572,867630,7161,086,088
Commitments And Contingencies---
Stockholders Equity Including Portion Attributable To Noncontrolling Interest
Stockholders Equity
Common Stock Value447,558435,033400,738
Common Stock Shares Held In Employee Trust10,13613,35612,924
Restricted Stockand Performance Stock Value Shares Issued---
Retained Earnings Accumulated Deficit836,968893,619474,409
Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income Loss Net Of Tax-128,217-139,028-112,102
Stockholders Equity1,152,5481,187,238761,154
Minority Interest1,8852,853365
Stockholders Equity Including Portion Attributable To Noncontrolling Interest1,154,4331,190,091761,519
Liabilities And Stockholders Equity2,203,9502,284,1792,433,823


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