An industry matrix summarizes the key success factors that

An industry matrix summarizes the key success factors that face a particular industry. Compare Conestoga College with Westervelt College (Kitchener) using an industry matrix.

Column 1: List 8 to 10 factors that appear to determine current and expected success in the industry.

Column 2: Assign a weight to each factor from 1.0 (most important) to 0.0 (not important) based on the factor’s probable impact on the overall industry’s current and future success.

Column 3: Examine a particular company within the industry – for example, Conestoga College. Assign a rating to each factor from 5 (Outstanding) to 1 (Poor) based on how well that company is currently dealing with each key success factor. Repeat for companies B, C, etc.

Key Success Factors


Conestoga Rating

Conestoga Weighted Score

Westervelt Rating

Westervelt Weighted Score


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