Barrett’s father Rupert (a resident of the State of

Barrett’s father Rupert (a resident of the State of Washington) has recently died. Rupert left a Will, signed at a lawyer’s office back in 2010, with two witnesses and a Notary Public notarizing all the signatures, in which he left all of his property to Barrett, and left nothing for Barrett’s older brother Chris. There are no other surviving family members. Barrett has been working for several years and supporting himself, and taking college classes. Chris has spent most of his time hanging around the pool hall, drinking beer, and not doing anything much to earn income, always borrowing money from his father Rupert. Rupert’s Will stated, in part: “I give only 1 US Dollar to my lazy son Chris, and I hope he learns how to work for his living!” Chris thinks this is unfair, and wants to challenge the legality of the Will. Likely result?

A. In Washington, it is perfectly legal for a parent to “disinherit” a child, and leave nothing for them in his/her Will. So the judge will probably enforce the Will as it is written.

B. In Washington, a parent cannot legally “disinherit” a child, so the judge will have to ignore the Will, and split Rupert’s estate equally between the two sons.