BeeGood Honey recently expanded its distribution to include

BeeGood Honey recently expanded its distribution to include 63,700 households within the Southwestern United States in an area with a population of 300,000 people. Of these newly targeted households, 43,600 have previously purchased the category. Last quarter the region's total dollar sales for the honey category reported at $799,000, driven by the three largest brands: StingerSue, Sweetness, and BeeGood with sales of $370,000, $200,000 and $88,900 respectively. In the same quarter, unit purchases of BeeGood Honey brand amounted to 38,900 jars across the region. Among the 25,200 households that bought BeeGood, total purchases of honey were reported at 87,300 jars.

Calculate the BDI / CDI ratio for this region if BeeGood's per capita brand sales are $1 and the honey category sales are $4 per capita for the United States as a whole.


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