Bottlenecks exist in many business processes that serve the

Bottlenecks exist in many business processes that serve the public and are usually indicated by lineups (also known as "lines" or "queues"). Choose a business that experiences lineups and identify the constraints in the system.

Bottleneck Principles

1. Utilization of a non-bottleneck resource is not determined by its potential, but by another constraint in the system

2. Using a non-bottleneck 100% of the time does not produce 100% utilization (Overproduction)

3. The capacity of the system depends on the capacity of the bottleneck

4. Time saved at a non-bottleneck saves the system nothing (with respect to system throughput)

5. Capacity and priority must be considered together – setups cost throughput, but are necessary due to priorities

6. Loads can, and should, be split

7. Focus should be on balancing the flow through the shop

  • Section 1: Give specific examples of each of the seven bottleneck principles (pp.128-129) that apply to that business
  • Section 2: Suggest a way to increase the throughput of the bottleneck
  • Section 3: Describe the benefits [of your suggested improvement] to the business and to the customers


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