Charley Long is a truck driver, the 18-wheeler variety. He

Charley Long is a truck driver, the 18-wheeler variety. He is a member in a limited liability company, Fishy Co., a seafood company in Mobile, Alabama. Charley's job entails delivering fresh fish to restaurants and wholesale fish distributors in Mississippi and Louisiana. Charley's routine varied. Sometimes, he drives straight back to Mobile from Lafayette. On other occasions, he parks at a truck stop and sleeps in his cab, which is equipped with small, sparse sleeping accommodations, or spends the night in a motel along the road before returning to Mobile. When Charley drives straight back to Mobile, Charley will eat one meal. When he sleeps overnight, he will eat two meals, a late dinner and breakfast, During the current year, Charley incurred the following expenses: Meals incurred on nonstop trips = $1,000 Meals incurred when slept in cab = $800 Meals incurred when slept in motel = $600 Lodging - $2,800 Total = $5,200 You are encouraged to use tax resources to help you determine which items are deductible. You are welcome to use these as support in your letter, as appropriate. ISSUE: The IRS has disallowed all of the above expenses on the grounds that they are not bonafide travel expenses but personal expenses, meaning that Charlie owes taxes on the entire $5,200. Assume

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