What is the decay constant for 131 if the half-life

What is the decay constant for 131. if the half-life is 2.305 days? 9.31 x 10-55-1 O O O 3.48 x 10-6-1 4.81 x 10-45-1 9.98 x

0.1 points of the following complex ions: (CrCUNH3); 12. [Cr(NH3)61%+, (CrClH20)512+,(Cr1H201612*, one appears yellow, one pi

In the compound, CaNa[Fe(CN)61, what are considered to be counter-ions? O two of these ??? O Nat O Ca2+ O CN none of the abov

Colen) C1_]* has a coordination number of and a geometry of O None of these complexes has coordination number 6. 4, square pl

The most highly charged particle is: beta alpha neutron gamma positron

O no correct answer given diaquotetrahydroxoiron(III) hydrated iron hydroxide tetrahydroxodiaquoferrate(III)

The beta decay of 24 Fproduces an isotope of 10 O ?? Na Ne O Mg