Explain what a believer in the American Ideal paradigm and

Explain what a believer in the American Ideal paradigm and a believer in the paradigm of a Sacred Bloodline might do in the following situation:

Terrorists are holding thirty hostages from your country, and they are demanding that you turn over a woman who is a prisoner at a military base where you are the highest-ranking officer. The terrorists hate the woman and wish to behead her because she has betrayed them by revealing some of their most important secrets. You arrested the woman because you are certain she has participated in some acts of terror, and she has revealed the secrets because you’ve promised to give her a fair trial and a reduced prison sentence in exchange for her cooperation. One other big factor in her cooperation is that she has two young children and wants to keep them safe. The military base is not in your home country, and you have been given complete authority to decide what to do.


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