First suggest me the topic name: bi research project: each

  • First suggest me the topic name: bi research project: each student is required to complete a bi research project about a topic related to business intelligence to learn more about a specific bi technology of interest. in addition to company and technology overview, the student will research how these bi solutions help businesses derive value from their data assets, achieve their strategic objectives, and gain competitive advantage. the project consists of three main parts. each part will be graded separately. the deliverables are two powerpoint files. the project topic must be approved by the instructor. in part one, your goal is to clearly understand the organization’s mission, goals, history, current conditions affecting the organization. then you need provide an overview that will serve as a background to the project. in part two, the objective is to research and pick a bi company by collecting data from publicly available repositories to begin the initial exploratory analysis to describe the general value proposition for the selected organization. in the third part, the focus is on preparing analyses that will present the business value proposition of the bi technology to c-level executive teams. apa format / plagiarism: it is the student’s responsibility to ensure that he/she understands the proper use of apa format. copying of source information and use of ideas without proper citation is plagiarism and will result in a failing grade for the task.