Given the following information of Ali company 2021

Given the following information of Ali company 2021 Interest and fees on loans 674, other interest income 127, gross loans 243, wages and salaries 20, employee benefits 15, other expenses 85, trust departing income 30, provision for loan losses 100, financial planning services income 58, taxes 15 percent, security gain or loss (27), rent 21, charge-off loans 275, cost of furniture 74, miscellaneous fees and charges stemming from other services sold to customers 128, interest on federal fund sold 41, bank premises 12, cash in the vault 54, interest on repurchase agreement 12, net loans 600, interest on issuing commercial paper 31, interest on check books 77, and interest on deposits 429. (All numbers are in millions and ignore the negative sign of the allowance for possible loan losses). 

Please find the net income after tax?