Hirpara Inc. has provided the following data for July:Raw

Hirpara Inc. has provided the following data for July:
Raw materials, beginning balance $12,000
Work in process, beginning balance $32,000
Finished Goods, beginning balance $41,000
1. Raw materials purchases $64,000
2. Raw materials used in production (all direct materials) $69,000
3. Direct labor $83,000
4. Manufacturing overhead costs incurred $62,000
5. Manufacturing overhead applied $63,000
6. Cost of units completed and transferred from Work in Process to Finished Goods $208,000
7. Any overapplied or underapplied manufacturing over head is closed to Cost of Goods Sold ?
8. Finished goods are sold $234,000

Prepare T-accounts for Raw Materials, Work in Process, Finished Goods, and Manufacturing Overhead, and Cost of Goods Sold. Record the beginning balances and each of the transactions listed above. Finally, determine the ending balances.