In a partnership firm there are two partners - X

 In a partnership firm there are two partners - X and Y. They share profit in the ratio of 55% and 45%. X contributed capital of $180,000 and Y contributed $160,000. Partnership Agreement says partners are eligible to get interest on capital at 10%. Income Statement of a Partnership firm shows the net profit of $200,000. How much profit X and Y will receive from the partnership?* 

A. X =591,300 and Y = $74,700 

B. X = 549,800 and Y = $33,200 

C.X = $60,000 and Y = $40,000 

D. X = $54,000 and Y = $32.000 

4. The Income Statement of a partnership firm shows Net Income of $75,000. A partner has provided $40,000 loan to the partnership firm at 5% interest. Also, in the agreement it is provided that one of the partners is eligible to get salary of $25,000. How much is the Net Profit of the partnership firm available for appropriation? 

A. $47.000 

B. $48.000 

C. $49.000 

D. 550.000