Maria Juarez is a licensed dentist. During the first month

Maria Juarez is a licensed dentist. During the first month of the operation of her business, the following events and transactions occurred.
April 1: Invested  $40,000 cash.
April 1: Hired a secretary-receptionist at a salary of $600 per week payable monthly.
April 2: Paid office rent for the month $1,000.
April 3: Purchased dental supplies on account from Smile Company $4,000.
April 10: Provided dental services and billed insurance companies $5,100.
April 11: Received $1,000 cash advance from Trudy Borke for an implant.
April 20: Received $2,100 cash for services completed and delivered to John Stanley.
April 30: Paid secretary-receptionist for the month $2,400.
April 30: Paid $1,600 to Smile Company for accounts payable due.

Maria uses the following chart of accounts: Cash, Accounts Receivable, Supplies, Accounts  Payable, Unearned Revenue, Maria Juarez, Capital; Service Revenue, Salaries Expense, and Rent Expense.
a)Journalize the transactions.
b)Post to the ledger accounts.
c)Prepare a trial balance on April 30, 2020.


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