Gemella Ltd. manufactures construction equipment for sale

Gemella Ltd. manufactures construction equipment for sale throughout eastern Canada and northeastern United States. Its year-end is June 30. The following foreign currency transactions occurred during the Year 11 calendar year:

1. On January 10, Gemella agreed to sell equipment to an American customer for US 100,000 for delivery on or before March 31 and received a deposit of US$10,000. The balance is payable on July31.

2. On March 17, the equipment was delivered to the American customer.

3. On May 1, Gemella purchased 100 acres of land in Syracuse, New York, for US$220,000 as a long-term investment. Fifty percent of the purchase price was paid on May 1. The balance is due on May 1, Year 2 along with interest at the rate of 6%.

4. On June 30, the 100 acres of land had a market value of US$210,000. Gemella reports its longterm investments in land at historical cost and discloses the market value of the land in the notes to its financial statements.

5. On July 31, the balance owing was received from the American customer. 

The following spot rates exist during the period January to July, Year 1:

Forward Rates* Spot Rates January 10, Year 1 March 17, Year 1 May 1, Year 1 June 30, Year 1 July 31, Year 1

Exchange rates changed evenly between the dates indicated above.


(a) Prepare the journal entries for the transactions stated above including year-end adjusting entries.

(b) What value will be disclosed in the notes to the year-end financial statementspertaining to the land purchased in Syracuse?