Return to a. Sales for March total 25,000 units. Forecasted

a. Sales for March total 25,000 units. Forecasted sales in units are as follows: April 25,000, May, 17,000, June, 22.400; and

1. Sales budget 2. Production budget. 3. Raw materials budget. 4. Direct labor budget. 5. Factory overhead budget. 6. Selling

Cash budget. (Negative balances and Loan repayment amounts (if any) should be indicated with minus sign.) Calculation of Cash

V Muu 32,500 4,900 310 www 22,100 4,900 29,120 4,900 Sales commissions Sales salaries Loan interest Dividends Purchases of eq

ZIGBY MANUFACTURING Budgeted Balance Sheet June 30, 2019 $ 98,000 436,800 118,000 433,000 Assets Cash Accounts receivable Ban

HIILVINIC LOACO payaUIG J. VVV $1,085,800 638,000 % 149,000 489,000 $1,574,800 Total current assets Equipment Merchandise Inv

June Total Next months budgeted sales (units) Ratio of inventory to future sales Budgeted ending inventory (units) Budgeted 


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