Skootar is an application to book motorcycle courier

            Skootar is an application to book motorcycle courier service in Bangkok area. Our company have been developing since middle 2014 and was developed website and mobile application by Scootar beyond company limited. Our company was a winner of The Angel Hack Bangkok 2014, organize by Angelhack, a global innovator of digital business. We were a Top 8 of ECHELON THAILAND 2014 and the third winner of Dtac Accelerate batch. It is used by thousands of businesses for pick up or delivery of documents and parcels. We have connected people with hundreds of smartphones around the Bangkok. It can be accessed anytime, anywhere via the website and mobile application on IOS and Android. Nowadays We have been planning to expand our business in next 5 years. We want our company better, with trust from the people in the country.

            Firstly, we need more Scooter driver who have had an experience and had a license of driver. However, all drivers are screened, trained and controlled by ratings from our customer.   We want to reach pick up location within 30 min because it can make our customer happy with our delivery which very quickly and carefully. Another we are going to create a latest mobile Application or to make clearly for customer when they are booking. This Application will be connecting to google map that can make an order from everywhere in Bangkok Metropolitan Region and get match with drivers in a few minutes. One more things, we are going to connect with many bank in Bangkok and create a bank mobile Application that costumer want to use because it will be easy to pay and safety for them.

Secondly, our price is going to calculate immediately as you try to place an order. It isn’t more negotiation with drivers, so it will be cheaper than other company, but we will try to find more solution to make our delivery is cheaper than this in the future. Another thing, we are going to make our branch in other province. We will make our company to be biggest and can delivery around the Thailand. It can connect to many people and it will be promoted by our customer when many people are going to know our branch and trust with our delivery, they will tell more people about our company. It is promoting without money. In Addition, we want to connect with big company in Thailand. We are going to tell them about price and quality of our company. Everything which delivery with our company is safety 100%, If it has broken, we will refund 100% price of the things.

Although, many company are opening every day, but we are running our company everyday too because we are finding many solutions to solve it every day. We are trying to update our version of our delivery on day by day. Our motor is clean and driver need to be beautiful to be comfortable for customer. We need to protect everything that customer delivery and without lost something or broken. We will give promotion or something to customer that use our service a long time. However, we always need some complain from customer to change our mistake to make trust for them and our company is better than the last.

We want to make more branch on other country to be a standard company of delivery in the world and want to upgrade to become a world company in the world.


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