Suppose you all decide you want to finance the trip

Suppose you all decide you want to finance the trip with a loan. Find two different available offers (the internet is a good source). Make sure the interest rate and loan length are both different in each option. Calculate the monthly payment amount, the total amount you will pay over the life of the loan and the total interest you will pay. NOTE: Do not provide personal information on the internet. You can find loan rates on major bank and credit union websites without providing personal information.

Loan payment formula: PMT = P*(r/n)/(1 - (1 + r/n)^(-n*t))

PMT is the payment required to pay off a loan of $P at interest rate, r%, compounded n times per year for t years.

You must use Excel formulas including cell references to calculate the loan payment, total paid and interest paid.

Discuss which loan would be a better option and why:

Loan ALoan B
Principal (P) (same for both loans)$8,656$8,656
rate ( r)11%13.99%
# of Compoundings per year (n)11
time in years (t)11
Payment (PMT)formulaformula
Total Paidformulaformula
Interest Paidformulaformula