The customer is an international car manufacturer present

The customer is an international car manufacturer present in approximately 125 countries, producing a range of electric-powered cars. Headquartered in Europe, it is one of the top automotive brands in the region. At the same time, it enjoys international success, counting emerging economies such as Brazil and Russia among its leading markets. With a stable of brands under its belt, the manufacturer has achieved a global presence through its alliance with and acquisition of other automotive companies. CUSTOMER CHALLENGE With 96 suppliers spread out all over Turkey, the manufacturer was facing complications managing its automotive component collections. Additionally, it had to coordinate not only the export consolidation but also the onward distribution of these components to its manufacturing plants in France, Spain, Slovenia, and Germany.

Select three to four parts as your automotive component collections that are used for the cars to build a supply chain/logistical system.

Find a supply chain and logistical system that is currently used or create a system to satisfied the customers.

Provide a supply chain solution along with customer benefits.


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