Think about your organization. You may define your

Think about your organization. You may define your organization as your place of employment or use another specific organization. If the entire organization seems too large to analyze, you may select a department or division to review.

The organizational analysis should address the following questions:

1. If you selected your place of employment, do not name the organization, but provide a brief description of it (number of employees, location(s), industry). If you selected a specific organization, state that your analysis will be about that specific organization.

2. State one positive feature of the organization's communication. Explain how this feature contributes to the success of the organization. Support your assertion with resources from Modules.

3. State one feature of the organization's communication that is not as effective as it could be. Explain how this inefficiency is impacting the organization. Explain how this feature could be improved and the anticipated outcome of the suggested improvement. Support your assertions with resources from Modules.


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