You are a genetic counselor interviewing two clients, Mr.

You are a genetic counselor interviewing two clients, Mr. and Mrs. X, a married couple in their forties. There is a law in your state requiring genetic screening for a certain target group in which are included your clients. You know the following facts about the Xs:  
(a)They have two children, one of whom is afflicted with the genetic defect against which is directed this particular screening program.  
(b)Neither Mr. or Mrs. X actually has the defect, from which it follows that their child could only have been afflicted with it if both parents of the child are carriers --- i.e., in both cases, the gene responsible for the defect is recessive.  
(c)Mrs. X's tests show that she is a carrier, but the tests of Mr. Y demonstrate that he is not.  
(d)The Xs do not want any more children, and their marriage appears happy and successful.  
(e)Finally, as a result of being given information before their genetic tests were done, the Xs understand the facts referred to in (b) above.  
What do you tell Xs about(c)? Use your knowledge of both utilitarianism and deontology to construct rational supporting arguments that appeal to principles.


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