Refer to Exercise 13.156. In 2700 of the resumes the

Refer to Exercise 13.156. In 2700 of the resumes the religion mentioned was one of the mainstream religions. However, 500 resumes made reference to a made-up religion – Wallonian. The religious designation (1 = mainstream religion, 2 = Wallonian) was recorded. Is there sufficient evidence to infer that the Wallonians had a higher call back frequency than did the main stream religions?

In exercise 13.156

An experiment conducted by members of the Religious Affiliation and Hiring Discrimination Organization to determine what shouldn’t be in the resume should be of interest to students preparing resumes in search of summer or permanent jobs. The experiment consisted of submitting 6400 resumes to employers that had advertised 1,600 job openings. The jobs included positions in customer service, hospitality, media, retail, real estate, shipping, and clerical duties. The postings only required an e-mailed resume. The fake job applicants were presented as young people recently graduated from college who earned a 3.7 or higher grade point average. Half of the resumes included mentions of religious activities and half made no reference to religion at all. For each resume the researchers recorded whether the prospective employer called the applicant back for more information or to schedule an interview (code = 1) or no call back (code = 2). Is there sufficient evidence to infer that including a reference to religious activity reduces the probability of a call back?


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