The Canyons Resort, a Utah ski resort, recently announced a

The Canyons Resort, a Utah ski resort, recently announced a $400 million expansion to lodging properties, lifts, and terrain. Assume that this investment is estimated to produce $95.42 million in equal annual cash flows for each of the first 10 years of the project life. Determine the expected internal rate of return of this project for 10 years, using the present value of an annuity of $1 table found in Exhibit 2.

Internal Rate of Return
Internal Rate of Return of IRR is a capital budgeting tool that is used to assess the viability of an investment opportunity. IRR is the true rate of return that a project is capable of generating. It is a metric that tells you about the investment...
An annuity is a series of equal payment made at equal intervals during a period of time. In other words annuity is a contract between insurer and insurance company in which insurer make a lump-sum payment or a series of payment and, in return,...


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