The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco has a main span

The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco has a main span of length 1.28 km—one of the longest in the world. Imagine that a taut steel wire with this length and a cross-sectional area of 4.00 X 10-6 m2 is laid on the bridge deck with its ends attached to the towers of the bridge, on a summer day when the temperature of the wire is 35.0°C. (a) When winter arrives, the towers stay the same distance apart and the bridge deck keeps the same shape as its expansion joints open. When the temperature drops to -10.0°C, what is the tension in the wire? Take Young’s modulus for steel to be 20.0 x 1010 N/m2. (b) Permanent deformation occurs if the stress in the steel exceeds its elastic limit of 3.00 X 108 N/m2. At what temperature would this happen? (c) What If? How would your answers to (a) and (b) change if the Golden Gate Bridge were twice as long?


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