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Who am I?

My name is Anil Sharma. I am a student of Master's of Science in Physics in University of Delhi. I was a student of Bachelor's of Science from University of Maharaja College ( From University of Rajasthan). I had read and solved many books like H.C Verma, I.E. Irodov, H.K Das, Peter Atkins, J.D.Lee, Morisson Boyd, SL Ross, and Many more. I do have many knowledge in Physics, Chemistry and MATH. I have a perfection in Calculus, Trigonometry, Integration, Differentiation, Conic section, Ordinary and partial differential equation, Quantum physics, Mathematical physics, Nuclear physics, Physical ...   

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What interests me?

I'm doing M.Sc in Delhi University and I was a B.Sc. Graduate student from University of Rajasthan.

Masters (MS), Science
University Of Delhi
British Indian Ocean Territory
2019 - Continued
Bachelors (BS), Science
Central University of Rajasthan
British Indian Ocean Territory
2016 - 2019