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Debasis Kumar Patel

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Masters, M.Tech
Jharsuguda, India
Tutoring in: Electrical Engineering
Engineering's Tutor
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Last Active: Oct 23,2019
Who am I?

I had worked as assistant professor in Electrical engineering and I have class room teaching experience of five years.This experience inspires me to help the others in all over world. Now,I am continuing my Doctorate work in Power System on reputed "Nation Institute of Technology " of India.

What interests me?

Yoga,Meditation,Reading novel

Doctorate, Electrical Engineering
National Institute of Technology Silchar
British Indian Ocean Territory
2019 - Continued
Masters, M.Tech
National Institute of Technology Silchar
British Indian Ocean Territory
2012 - 2014
Resech Scholar,PhD
Now, I am working as a PhD Scholar in National Institute of Technology,ASSAM,INDIA. I am doing research on Power Quality Improvement in Distributed Power System
2019 - Present (4 years)
I was an Assistant Professor in Electrical Engineering, Parul University. There,I am doing teaching and research in Electrical Engineering. Teaching Subject: 1-Power System Analysis 2-Power System Operation and Control 3-Measurments 4-Electrical Machine 5-Circuit Theory 6-Power Electronics Research Interest: 1-Power Quality 2-Deregulated Power System 3-Smar Grid
2014 - 2019 (5 years)