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Eleonor Daquil

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Bachelors (BS), Criminology
Bataan Heroes College, 2020
Dinalupihan, Philippines
Social Sciences's Tutor
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Last Active: Aug 28,2022
Who am I?

I am currently working as a tutor in Coursehero, where my expertise is in the field of  Law. I help students learn to analyze, understand their problems regarding the subject. The program requires that tutors be able to assist students in multiple subjects, and my experience would allow me to do just that. I am passionate about helping students improve in all academic subjects. 

What interests me?

I like to listen to a lot of learning courses, watch news and spending time with my family.

Bachelors (BS), Criminology
Bataan Heroes College
2016 - 2020
As a Course Hero tutor, I work as an independent freelancer. That means there\'s no employer and employee relationship between me and Course Hero. So, I get paid only for answering students\' questions and have the flexibility and freedom to do this work whenever and wherever I like. The tutoring program of Course Hero is not the typical face-to-face video tutoring you all know. Tutors teach by simply giving text-based answers (more like an email). It provides a lot of impact especially for students having a hard time with their academics. At the same time, you can earn as much as 3 to 15 dollars per question.
2021 - Present (2 years)