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Who am I?

I am a gold medalist in my graduation(B.Sc.). I have been tutoring mathematics to school students for 5 years who have given excellent result in their final exams. I was given responsibility to formulate a course for secondary students. I am also freelancing teaching for 3+ years as a part time. After graduation I pursued law as I believe that every person should be well versed with the law of the land. I have At present I am working as teaching assistant during my LL.M. I have experience of teaching how to write case summaries, research papers, case briefs to my juniors. I am a friendly gir...   

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What interests me?

I like cats(mine is called billi), playing badminton and dancing.

Specialist, Law
School of Open Learning, University of Delhi
British Indian Ocean Territory
2014 - 2017
Bachelors, B.Sc.
Rajasthan University for Health Sciences
British Indian Ocean Territory
2009 - 2012
I am a basic mathematics teacher at Chegg India with CF score of 100%. I help students in basic algebra, precalculus, geometry, number system etc.
2018 - Present (3 years)
I work as teaching assistant at MLSU. At present I am teaching business law and ethics.
2018 - Present (3 years)
Teaching mathematics at urban pro to secondary school students. I got the opportunity to formulate courses for secondary students which included planning lesso