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Jehal Shah
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MBA, Finance
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Who am I?

I believe everyone should try to be strong at logic and have good reading habit. Because If you possess these two skills, no matter what difficult situation is, you will definitely find a perfect solution out of it. While logical ability gives you to understand complex problems and concepts quite easily, reading habit gives you an open mind and holistic approach to see much bigger picture. So guys, I always try to explain any concept keeping these two points in my mind. So that you will never forget any more importantly get bored. Last but not the least, I am finance enthusiast. Big fan of ...   

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What interests me?

I am finance enthusiast and reader. I like to play Guitar and Cricket in my free time.

MBA, Finance
Institute of Management Technology, Nagpur
British Indian Ocean Territory
2018 - 2020
Sr Associate
Societe Generale Fin Serv
- Valuation - Derivative trade analyst - Financial modeling - Trading and Brokering Equity market - Market Risk
2020 - Present (Less than a year)