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Karthik Thirumani
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Master, Business Administration
Hyderabad, India
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Who am I?

Hello there ! I started teaching to primary school students when I was doing my degree i.e, from 2010. Since then I'm in this tutoring field by teaching both school & college students. When I was doing my Post Graduation in Marketing, In my 4th semester, as a team leader I lead 20 members of our class towards teaching to the whole class i,e. for the whole semester we covered all the topics by giving 2 lectures a day with huge collection of material belongs to marketing .As we all know "NO PAIN NO GAIN", I had so many sleepless nights to collect the material and to understand the content in it....   

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What interests me?

I'm very much interested in Photography, cooking & meeting new people.

Master, Business Administration
Andhra University
British Indian Ocean Territory
2009 - 2012